The title of the show, Yesterday’s Technology Tomorrow, derives it’s name from a comment made to me by a former client about the state of technology in pharma. I thought it apropos and will shamelessly steal the idea.


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14: ‘Groupons For Strategy’
This week special guest Zoe Dunn from Hale Advisors joins the show to discuss Apple’s shaky Apple Watch launch, how Mad Men is still alarmingly like current agency life, if agencies can evolve enough to survive the next 10 years, profitability vs. value, the sorry state of the Account Management role in pharma, why strategy needs to make a comeback, disruptions as drivers of change, and the bottom of the barrel.

13: ‘Garage Sale Jigsaw Puzzles”
After a 2 week spring break hiatus, the podcast returns with special guest William Martino. This week we discuss the ways in which healthcare can seek to improve content marketing and storytelling, why UX is dying and what we need to do to save it, the ways in which platform proliferation is diluting the storytelling process, the limitations of the nomenclature we use to describe our craft, and why computer backups are a lifesaver.


12: ‘Influential Petting Zoos’
This week special guest Jack Barrette from WEGO Health stops by to discuss how patient influencers may be the key to finally achieving the goal of ‘customer centricity’, why brand teams are more voyeristic than engaged, the pitfalls of being an SMDB, how the fears of an FDA crackdown just don’t hold water, how brands can get more active in the social space in ways that have real business value, and if casting directors for pharma DTC ads have a future in the adult entertainment industry.


11: ‘Gender Politics’
This week special guest Tara Marsh stops by to discuss the current dynamics of gender roles in the advertising and marketing industries, Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In campaign and if it misses a larger point, the generational differences of how women are viewed in the workplace, what role men have to play in empowering women and fostering workplace equality, ideas for paid family leave, and whether or not I’d look good in eye liner.


10: ‘NXNE’ 
This week special guests Marc MonseauAmanda Sheldon, and Jane Sarasohn-Kahn join the show to discuss their upcoming SXSW panel on privacy and HIPPA compliance in the digital age. In this episode we discuss the land rush for health applications, Facebook’s foray into healthcare and what a bad idea that is, the health IT landscape, what pharma’s role in the space should be, how to build a system of incentives to drive change, and how government legislation may not be the only solution to the problem.


09: Edition, Edition
Special guest Shwen Gwee joins the show to discuss the Apple Watch event, the announcement of Research Kit, why mobile devices will trump wearables for health information, why technology partnerships are the future for pharma, the evolution of the agency model, where agencies can own the future of technology innovation, his perspective on what to expect at SXSW, his start up bootcamp, and how Apple has yet again set the bar in healthcare.


08: False Econometrics
Special guest Mark McConaghy joins the show to discuss the unrealistic certanty that digital metrics provide, why old school CRM reports still rule the ROI roost, if small agencies have it better, the talent gap in pharma marketing, what responsability clients have in holding agencies accountable, The state-of-the-future for analytics, and how we’re on the cusp of a multi-channel marketing renaissance. Bonus points for my ability to spell renaissance correctly on the first try.


07: ePharmapalooza
It’s our 2015 ePharmapalooza spectacular, with special guests Sean HartiganZoe Dunn, and Christine Truelove. We discuss the sad state of the ePharma conference, how customer centricity is a myth, the lack of content curation for conferences, the industry family reunion, the lack of technology integration around the topics, how many years of attendance it takes to learn something new, the lack of digital proliferation, and why the industry deserves better.


06: Jargon Waiting To Be Harvested
Special Guest John Mack from Pharma Marketing News joins the show to discuss the sorry state of mobile apps in pharma, the privacy and diagnosis implications of coding errors, “Dear Doctor” letters, how mobile can help patient compliance, how to ignore my dog making an appearance, the big data, how to connect social and mobile to benefit the customer, why social is now table stakes, if there needs to be more mobile pioneers, and how we’ve hit peak psoriasis.


05: What To Expect When You’re Expectorating
Special guest Marc Monseau joins the show to discuss the challenges pharma has with its reputation, being a knight of the reputation roundtable, John Oliver’s takedown of pharma, lessons learned from Comcast, why not doing social listening is bonkers, whether video can be a difference maker, the false economy of digital metrics, the dichotomy of the sales-based mindset, buggy whips, new paradigms for situational selling, and the mythology of customer centricity.


04: Fat Friend Requests
Special guest William Martino joins the show to take an in depth look at the current state of the wearables market and how healthcare can take advantage; The perspectives between DTC vs. OTC marketers; The Stockholm Syndrome of all day meetings; The Apple quarterly earnings; Gamifying dental hygiene; How to behave like a digital company; Data holes, and; Why he’s betting big on Blackberry.


03: Viagra – The Musical
Special guest Buddy Scalera joins the show to discuss the state of episodic content in healthcare, how comic books shaped his life, the fallacies of FDA guidance, why web design is overrated, how PharmaCos can produce better stories, lessons we can all learn from the Titanic, and pharmaceutical sweatpants.


02: Automated Sincerity
Special guest Johnathan Richman joins the show to discuss the state of market research in pharma, the lack of quality tools for the job, why pharma websites are terrible, the agency/client fight over social media and communications, where content production is heading, and to plug his new company. Unbeknownst to me, the gain on my mic was a tad low, so my audio is a bit murky. It’s episode 2, call it part of the learning curve.

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01: Dystopian Discount Codes
Special guest Peter Justason joins the show to talk about the state of pharma conferences today and why this year will be different for ePharma, how technologies may kill the agency model, the state of digital strategy, why he doesn’t use Twitter, and man crushes.