Pharma and Healthcare Facebook Page Deathwatch

With the coming changes to Facebook Commenting rules for pharma and healthcare companies on August 15, we thought it was important to track how companies would handle the change (read more details here). This page will keep track of what happens to all the Facebook Pages that we’ve been tracking on the Pharma and Healthcare Social Media Wiki. We’ll be updating this page regularly as we hear of Pages making changes.

If you know of any Page that has changed or will be changing their policy, will stay up, will be taken down, or if something’s not correct, please send it to us via the form at the bottom of this page.

Pages are organized into one of four categories.

  • Pages that are to be removed or already removed specifically because of the Facebook commenting changes.
  • Pages that currently do not allow commenting, so are prime candidates for removal. These are the Pages on “Deathwatch”.
  • Pages that currently allow commenting (and note that the walls have not fallen in around them).
  • Pages that have already been removed (note that this could have been for any reason and could have happened any time in the past).

Our view is, of course, that companies should allow commenting. Our rationale for this is summed up in this post, so check it out.

Hat tip to John Mack for describing these Pages as being on Deathwatch on Twitter somewhere. I liked that enough that I had to use it. The names of all the Pages that still exist are hyperlinked, so check them out now because they may not last long. If there’s no link, that means the Page is gone.

UPDATED: August 15, 2011

Pages that have been confirmed removed or will be removed due to changes in Facebook commenting policy.

ADHD Allies


Take on Depression

sanofi-aventis VOICES (combined with Sanofi Aventis US page)

Fit in Your Skin

New Way RA

August 15: New pages removed

Breakaway from Cancer

Epilepsy Advocate



Voices in PAH

MS Voices

In The Face of Pain

“Deathwatch” Pages. Pages that still exist, but could change since they currently do not allow commenting, so may be prime candidates for removal. (Note: allowing commenting via an application and not the native Facebook Wall counts as “not allowing comments”, as we believe leveraging the native Facebook functionality is a critical feature of any Facebook presence.)

CHOICE Campaign Facebook “Causes” App

Changing Possibilities in Hemophilia

Claritin Eye





Lilly Careers (8/17, note: page is currently unavailable, so could be removed)

The Diabetes Dish

Botox Cosmetic

Salix Pharmaceuticals

Novartis Corporate

Pages that already allow commenting. (Note: And none of them have received a warning letter or notice of violation from the FDA)

UPDATED, 8/15 (9:45pm EDT): Pages moved from “Deathwatch” that now have comments and Likes appearing.



Sounds of Pertussis

I Am Pro Heart (PS: with 500 Likes already on its first post)


Pfizer Turkey

Our Hemophilia Community

Sanofi-Aventis US Diabetes

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Corporate

Sanofi US (corporate)

Pages that have always allowed comments:

AstraZeneca US Community Connections (corporate)

AstraZeneca Careers

Boehringer Ingelheim Corporate


Cleveland Clinic

The Coalition to Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Cooper Vision

Crest Whitestrips


Donate Life America

Johnson & Johnson

J&J Nursing Notes

Mayo Clinic

MS Village Canada

Neurostar TMS

Night Nurse Nation

Lilly Oncology on Canvas


NatureMaid VitaminID

Prilosec OTC


Accu Chek Canada

On Control Bone Marrow System

Allegra OTC


My Alli

TogetherRx Access


Teva Pharmaceutical

Psoriasis 360

Roche Careers

Pages and applications that have been removed to date regardless of reason prior to August 15:


Acuvue Wink

Addressing Psoriasis

Bayer: 50 Years of the Pill

CCFA and Shire Virtual Walk


Don’t Blow It

Gardasil Facebook Page

It Girl Essentials

Marcia Strassman Novartis Oncology

MS Champions

My CML Circle


Novartis Clinical Trials


Reclast “On the Go Women”

Team Hank from Genzyme

Covidien TussiCaps Cap the Cough

If you know of a Page that has been removed or is going to be removed, please DM me (twitter) @ ohnoitsmrbill. We’ll make updates accordingly and be sure to give you credit.