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Meeting Icebreakers That Are Better Than Yours


I typically loathe the perfunctory icebreaker questions that sometimes get used during corporate meetings. You know the kind I’m referring to? They’re the, “If you were a vegetable, what kind of vegetable would you be” questions. I’ve been in a couple of meetings lately that used icebreakers to open the meeting and the questions were downright torture.

As much as I generally don’t like the icebreaker concept, these questions could be more interesting and be far more effective at helping the attendees reveal something about themselves. To that extent, I’ve come up with a bunch of icebreaker questions that you may feel free to use at your next meeting. Read More…

Anatomical Pinball Table Combines 2 Of My Favorite Things



Canadian artist Howie Tsui redesigned a pinball machine to turn it into a crude simulation of a musket-ball rattling around a soldier’s guts for a War of 1812-themed exhibition currently running at the Agnes Etherington Arts Centre at Queens University in Kingston. It’s meant to demonstrate the way that repetition and concentration can inure you to the horrors of war.

This would have been Awesome+1 if the flippers were leg bones.

Why Every Pharma Sales Rep Needs Google Glass

Glassholes As you may have seen, Google Glass started rolling out to early adopters last week. I’m not normally one to suggest that brands jump on the latest fad du jour, but to me this seems like a golden opportunity to solve a a long standing problem. Therefore I suggest that every sales rep in pharma be supplied with a pair of Google Glass. (Editors note: Is it pair? Unit? The singularity of the name suggests that the AP Style Guide may want to get working on this).

When a pharma rep walks into a sales call with a doctor they can hand them their Google Glass to wear. Then, upon a gesture or spoken command, the Glass will project a continuous and repeating presentation of fair balance during the entire length of the conversation, leaving the Rep’s iPad or other sales assets with more real estate for data, charts, and graphs. And, think of the how much more time the HCPs will spend with the Rep since they’ll be so interested to play with this fancy new toy.

It’s a marketers dream come true!


And yes, I am kidding. Sort of.