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With a growing number of pharma companies testing the waters of social media, an intrepid few have tried to keep track of every site, YouTube video, Twitterer, Facebook page, and so on. It’s become a daunting task and no one list seems to have it all…until now.

This wiki is meant to house every Social Media project that has been created by pharma (or healthcare companies in general). Anyone can edit it or add. Like Wikipedia, I trust the community will police itself to ensure only quality material is included.

Note that in the list below when a pharma or healthcare company is referred to, we mean a pharma or healthcare manufacterer and not a supporting company (like an agency) or media property.

If you are interested in adding to or editing information on the wiki, please visit the instructions page to find out how. All you’ll need to do is register. Before registering, please read all of the rules. Many of them exist to ensure the page doesn’t get “broken.” If you want me to add something for you, please send me a note or tweet.

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Pharma and Healthcare Social Media Wiki

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Brand Sponsored Patient Communities

Communities created by a pharma or healthcare company for a brand or corporate effort

23andMe — a unique mix of social networking and genetics supported by community (thanks to Arthur Alston)

Alli Circles — support community for Alli, weight loss product from GSK

C2C: Connect to Conquer Epilepsy — from Valeant, sub-part of Users share stories one on one after trading email info. Nothing is posted on the site, so avoids liability for brand.

Celebration Chain — Arimidex (breast cancer) support and patient story site

CF Voice — “An online community for people of all ages living with cystic fibrosis. A place for motivation, inspiration and connection to the CFcommunity.” Sponsored by Novartis, won 2008 “Best Website” award from MM&M

Children with Diabetes — “The mission of Children with Diabetes, Inc. is to promote understanding of the care and treatment of diabetes, especially in children; to increase awareness of the need for unrestricted diabetes care for children at school and daycare; to support families living with diabetes; and to promote understanding of research into a cure.” Purchased by J&J in 2008 for a reported $6-7 MM

Crohn’s and Me — Unbranded site from UBC Pharma supporting yet-to-be-launched Cimzia, good overall disease information and features and active community

Diabetes Handprint — program that encourages people to share a message (as a handprint) about their diabetes with the community, sponsored by OneTouch (thanks to Fabio Gratton)

Epilepsy Advocate — Epilepsy Advocates are a community of people and their families living with all types of epilepsy. Get to know the inspirational stories of Epilepsy Advocates, people like you who are finding ways to take control of their epilepsy and their potential. Sponsored by UCB, maker of epilepsy drugs Keppra and Vimpat.

Hearing Journey — Sponsored by hearing implant company, small community, but active.

Heroes of Hope — “The Heroes of Hope program is sponsored by Genentech, Inc., to recognize and salute unique individuals with cystic fibrosis who are stars in their own right for striving to live full and productive lives, and for being role models of hope to others, while continuing to manage their healthcare needs.”

HER Story Community — For Herceptin from Genentech, allows women to share their story about breast cancer — EMLA consumer website, a UK’s first in the use of Social Media

I Walk Because — “Our goal is to create a place where people can share the power of the Walk MS experience with others. While I Walk Because documents Walk MS events, it also celebrates the spirit of walking and movement in general. Acorda Therapeutics has created this website as part of our strong commitment to people with MS and the broader community. I Walk Because is not administered by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.”

myMSmyWAY —  “It was created out of a collaboration between Bayer HealthcareMicrosoft and the National MS society” Thanks (and more details) via WhyDotPharma.

MSWatch — Canadian site focused on MS — support community for patients with PKU sponspored by Biomarin, maker of PKU treatment Kuvan

Similac Community — Discussion board for baby formula and general mom issues from Abbott Nutrition

Voices of Diabetes — Novo Nordisk site that allows diabetics to share their stories and comment on others’

Walking Spree — “WalkingSpree is focused on delivering a best-of-breed online wellness program by incorporating the valuable features from online pedometer based programs, online social networking programs and online weight-loss programs.”

Thanks to WhyDotPharma and Health 2.0 for some of these.

Patient Communities (Non-Brand Sponsored)

Communities created with no direct affiliation to a pharma or healthcare company

Autism 151 — “Autism 151 is a campaign to pull our community together and offer a brighter, more positive view of autism.” Features videos shared by the community.

Care Flash — “CareFlash provides a common place on the Internet, to and from which people may submit, retrieve and share information and well-wishes surrounding a loved one’s health circumstances.”

Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America — non-profit foundation site featuring discussion groups and forums

CureTogether — “CureTogether helps people anonymously track and compare health data, to better understand their bodies, make more informed treatment decisions and contribute data to research.”

Daily Strength — includes patient reviews of pharma products.

Diabetes1 — Created by Body1: “Body1 is a premier medical education and marketing company that educates targeted populations and provides interactive marketing tools for pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturers and biotechnology organizations.”

Diabetic Connect –“We’re all friends here—friends who know what it’s like to live with diabetes. We make it easy to start conversations, share recipes, ask questions about diabetic products, and much more. Our hope is to give you the support and information you need to live a long healthy life with diabetes.”

dLife — “dLife is the only integrated consumer/patient education and marketing platform that effectively targets and engages the diabetes community. dLife has become the premiere model to help companies communicate, educate and interact with millions of diabetes patients, consumers and caregivers.”

*NEW eDrugSearch — “ launched in January 2007 as a specialized search engine for Americans interested in purchasing safe, low-cost prescription drugs from prescreened international pharmacies.” The site also features a community where users can rate drugs and also discuss various treatments.

Face to Face Health — “FacetoFace Health is a healthcare social utility designed to connect people directly together with each other via our HealthMatch system.” Interesting angle to connect individuals versus a group discussion.

HealthGrades — “…providing ratings and profiles of hospitals, nursing homes and physicians to consumers, corporations, health plans and hospitals.” — includes patient reviews of pharma products.

Inspire — Health and wellness support groups, “Together We’re Better”

Joy of Diabetes — small group, but leverages Ning to create a community versus developing entirely from scratch. Also tweets@liveoutloudwdiabetes — Juvenation is a social network created by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) especially for people with type 1 diabetes.

MD Junction

Metabolic Body Odor Community

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Community

Obesity Help — “Welcome to ObesityHelp, the nation’s preeminent Bariatrics support community for patients and professionals.1998, ObesityHelp has been at the forefront of patient support and education, providing our over 600,000 members with the most comprehensive industry information available. ”

Organized Wisdom — “the first human-powered, doctor-guided search service for health.”

Patient Power — “Patient Power® is devoted to helping you and your family through knowledge, to get the best medicine and return to good health.”

Patients Like Me — unbranded, 3rd party company, supports ALS, Parkinson’s, MS — “This community was started in early 2005 with the goal of providing an unbiased source of personal experiences with prescription drugs. The idea for putting this together was sparked by the fact that there did not seem to be an easy to use site out there for the average person to learn about and share their experiences with various medications. From the very first design to how the site operates today, simplicity and community have been our focus.”

Psych Central — “the Internet’s largest and oldest independent mental health network, providing reliable, trusted information & self-help support communities for over 13 years.”

RareShare — Unique social hub building communities for patients, families, and healthcare professionals affected by rare disorders.

Sleep Disorder Connect

Sugar Stats — Diabetes support

Trusera — “Trusera is an online health network with real-world experiences and insights from people like you.”



WegoHealth — “WEGO Health is the home of Health Activists – vigorous advocates, avid connectors, daily contributors and social media opinion leaders who bring the expertise of having been there, survived that. ”

Hat tip to Hightlight Health and Health 2.0 for many of the sites above.

Physician and Nurse Communities

Communities exclusive to physicians or nurses

doc2doc — Created by the publishers of The British Medical Journal “doc2doc is a free and easy to use online doctors community. doc2doc has a range of tools to help you network with other doctors on a professional and social level. On our clinical forums you can discuss interesting or puzzling cases and discuss any aspect of medicine. You can also create your own forum and build a community around your own interests or place of work. You can find people you work with, used to work with or want to get to know through our people search.”

Doctors Hangout


Medscape Physician Connect

Medting — “MEDTING is an interactive platform on web for the medical professionals over the world to share their knowledge. MEDTING is a best tool for a physician for sharing medical images, videos and discuss them with a large community of physicians. All for free, always.”

NurseConnect — “NurseConnect is an online nursing community and networking site for nurses and other healthcare professionals interested in advancing their education, careers and personal lives by sharing experiences and knowledge with others. NurseConnect is owned and operated by AMN Healthcare, Inc.”

Ozmosis — “The Trusted Physician’s Network” is the professional application of a social network that enables verified, U.S. licensed physicians to exchange medical knowledge.  By leveraging the power of the trusted network, Ozmosis delivers personalized and relevant medical information to each member, ultimately saving time and improving patient care.

Sermo –“…Sermo, the fastest – growing community created by physicians, for physicians. Here, physicians aggregate observations from their daily practice and then – rapidly and in large numbers – challenge or corroborate each others opinions, accelerating the emergence of trends and new insights on medications, devices and treatments. You can then apply the collective knowledge to achieve better outcomes for your patients.”

SocialMD — “SocialMD is a great new way to network with other physicians. Whether you are a medical student, resident, fellow or physician you will find that SocialMD is a great way to meet and network with other medical professionals. There are currently more than 3100 members in SocialMD.”

Spine Connect — “Syndicom SpineConnect is the leading collaborative knowledge network for spine surgeons to collaborate on difficult and unusual cases.”

TimedRight provides healthcare professionals a tool to find, connect and engage with other healthcare professionals, helping them extend their network, deepen existing relationships, and freely share and exchange knowledge. As of this posting, May 11 2009, TimedRight is in beta.

Within3 — “Within3 is the online professional networking site exclusively for health and life science practitioners worldwide to find, connect and collaborate with the right colleague right now. Within3 is free to individual professionals, earning its revenue by selling software licenses to health and life science organizations who wish to establish online communities inside the platform.”

A comprehensive list of scientist and physician communities created by ScienceRoll can be found here. Includes a number of sites still in beta development.


All pharma and healthcare Facebook pages and apps whether corporate-sponsored or not

Acuminder — ” Acuminder is the perfect reminder tool to help you keep track of all the little details that life throws your way. With Acuminder you can create any type of reminder for yourself or to send to your friends. ”

Acuvue Wink — “With the Wink application by 1•DAY ACUVUE MOIST®, you can send a real wink to anyone you like. It lets you be as flirty, shocked or as mischievous as you like!”

ADHD Allies — a new online community for and about adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). ” McNeil’s follow up to ADHD Moms (see below), this one focuses on adults with ADHD. Thanks to @skypen.

ADHD Moms–A Place for Moms with Children of ADHD; sponsored by McNeil Pediatrics Launced 2008

CCFA and Shire Virtual Walk — “In this application, Facebook users are brought into a virtual environment where they can march around the National Mall in Washington, DC., and by placing a shoe on the road they can see how their single step has affected the total number of steps taken towards the “hill”, which I assume is a symbolic milestone or finish line (not sure what happens once they reach 30,000 — will they yank the application? Probably not). For each of the first 30,000 steps taken, Shire will donate $1 per footstep to CCFA. What does Shire get out of it? Well, they make the ulcerative colitis treatment Lialda.” –quoted from @skypen‘s blog post

Crest Whitestrips — “The leader in whitening brings you a page all about showing off your best smiles.”

Donate Life America — “Welcome to the official Donate Life America® Facebook page where you can learn how to change someone’s world by registering to be an organ donor.” This page is sponsored by Astellas Pharma, makers of Prograf, an immunosuppression regimen for liver, kidney and heart transplant patients

Gardasil Facebook Page:  Over 100k members

I Stand With Magic — Abbott Laboratories: “The “I Stand With Magic” program, part of The Campaign to End Black HIV/AIDS, empowers YOU to take a stand against HIV/AIDS, both for yourself and for your community.”

Labs are Vital — Abbott Laboratories: “Labs Are Vital™ exists to support laboratory professionals everywhere by celebrating their contributions and extending the lab’s influence within the health care community.”

Marcia Strassman Takes Role as Patient Advocate – page is up and running again April 23, added by whydotpharma.

Mayo Clinic Fan Page

MS Champions — “MS Champions Unite to Fight MS, brought to you by the sponsors of MS LifeLines®, connects you with National MS Society Walk MS walkers, Bike MS cyclists and others who are coming together in the fight against MS. Featuring an interactive events map, MS Champions Unite to Fight MS allows you to search for National MS Society Walk MS and Bike MS events, share photos and connect with others who have downloaded the application.” Created by EMD Serono, Inc. and Pfizer Inc, co-marketers of Rebif (from @skypen)

Strong@Heart — “Bayer Healthcare LLC, the maker’s of Bayer® Aspirin and WomenHeart, the nation’s only national organization dedicated solely to promoting women’s heart health, have teamed up to create this page to provide information, inspiration and hope to the hundreds of thousands of women living with heart disease, their families and friends.” 13,500 fans


Pharma and Healthcare company YouTube pages or videos including corporate and brand specific efforts

Abbott — corporate level videos

Excedrin Express Gels — user generated video contest.

Genentech — focuses on employee videos regarding why they work for the company (note: allows ratings and comments) From EyeonFDA

GoInsulin—Diabetes type-2 focus; launched by Sanofi-Aventis 2/09 as part of broader GoInsulin Campaign.  Features real-life inspiring video stories of people with type 2 diabetes who use insulin as part of their overall diabetes treatment plan, while also balancing info about the risks and benefits of insulin.



My Asthma Story — AstraZeneca, Symbicort

My Treatment Decision — Genomic Health

Novartis Flu Flix — Competition from 2007, 800k views for intro video alone



Hat tip to EyeonFDA for the many of the above.

Twitter (Pharma & Healthcare Companies)

Pharma and healthcare companies using Twitter at a corporate level and company employees

Corporate  Twitters

Allergan Twitter – added by whydotpharma

AstraZenecaUS Twitter

Boehringer Twitter

GE Healthcare Twitter

GraftFinder Twitter

J&J  Twitter

LifeSensor Twitter

Novartis Twitter

Roche Twitter

Special thanks to Steve Woodruff’s Impactiviti for many of these.

Pharma/Healthcare Employees (not necessarily official representatives of the company)

Arthur Alston, Roche, Twitter

Simon Goldberg, Abbott

Shwen Gwee, Vertex Twitter

Chris Hogg, CV Therapeutics

Conor McKechnie, GE Healthcare

Marc Monseau, J&J  Twitter

Brad Pendergraph, Novartis

Paul Young, Sanofi-Aventis

Blogs (Pharma & Healthcare Companies)

Pharma and Healthcare company created blogs at the corporate or brand level

AlliConnect — brand blog supporting OTC weight loss drug Alli from GSK

Avenirdelasanté – GSK France blog (in French) – added by whydotpharma

BTW” Johnson and Johnson

Centocor 411 — now defunct

Kaiser Permanente Dr. Maring’s Farmers’ Market and Recipe Update — “Over my 37 years of practicing medicine at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, CA, it’s become clear that what people eat is a major factor affecting their health. On this website I look forward to sharing good food with you and celebrating the people who grow it.”

Kilmer House — another J&J blog, this one is focused on the history of the company*

Mayo Clinic Stress Management Blog

*NEW More than Medicine — GSK corporate blog

Red Cross — corporate blog for the American Red Cross


Pharma and Healthcare companies corporate- or brand-level MySpace pages

Addiction411 — page links to, the unbranded site for Suboxone (Reckitt Benckiser, created by Commonhealth)

Hospitals Using Social Media

Follow this link to Ed Bennet’s comprehensive and regularly updated list that includes the following:

  • 250 Hospitals total
  • 131 YouTube Channels
  • 94 Facebook pages
  • 160 Twitter Accounts
  • 24 Blogs

Mash Ups

Sites that combine either a number of “Web 2.0” tools or several sources to create one data set

HealthMap — “HealthMap brings together disparate data sources to achieve a unified and comprehensive view of the current global state of infectious diseases and their effect on human and animal health. ”

HHS, FDA, CDC Social Media Properties

Who is Sick? — “Who Is Sick was started in 2006 with a mission to provide current and local sickness information to the public – without the hassle of dealing with hospitals or doctors. With a strong belief in the power of people and a faith that user generated content can be extremely valuable, our team set out to create an entirely new system for tracking and monitoring sickness in your area and obtain sickness information. Information retrieved by tracking sickness in my area can also be used to map sickness trends in my region.”


Wikis focused entirely on some aspect of healthcare

Medpedia — “The Medpedia Project is a long-term, worldwide project to evolve a new model for sharing and advancing knowledge about health, medicine and the body among medical professionals and the general public. This model is founded on providing a free online technology platform that is collaborative, interdisciplinary and transparent.” “Only physicians and Ph.D.s are allowed to edit the Articles on Medpedia after they create an account and are approved as an Editor.”

iPhone Apps

Pharma and Healthcare company-created iPhone applications (that have social media aspects)

Care Connector — from JNJ to help patient caregivers keep track of everything.

Widgets and Gadgets

Google Gadgets or Yahoo! Widgets (or other 3rd party) created by Pharma and Healthcare companies

Frame Your Horse — Technically, not human healthcare, but who said this list was confined to humans. This is for Pfizer Animal Health. “Display your horse in a picture frame on your desktop with this fun widget. Also get your local weather, fly risk and loads of horse trivia to make you smarter at the next horse show. Brought to you by Solitude IGR™, feed-through fly control from Pfizer.”

Non-English Based Programs

Programs that fit any of the above categories, but that are not in English

EsTuDiabetes — Spanish language verison of TuDiabetes

NiQuipedia — Swedish language Nicotine Replacement Therapy wiki

Blogs (Industry Observers)

Industry Observers (not pharma/healthcare company blogs)

Dose of Digital — this blog!

Action for Better Healthcare


AdvanceMarketWoRx: Notes From the Back of the Book Blog


Behind Online Phama

Diabetes Mine


ePharma Rx

ePharma Summit


Future of Biopharma

The Health Care Blog


HIV Viral Load Blog

IgniteBLOG: The Perfect Storm

Impactiviti Blog

The IN VIVO Blog

LifeSensor Weblog

Med 2.o

Partnerships with CROs

Pharma BlogoSphere

Pharma Marketing Blog

Pharma Strategy Blog



World of DTC Marketing Health Blog

Twitter (Industry Observers)

Industry observers (non-pharma and healthcare company employees) using Twitter

Jonathan Richman, former pharma brand manager, author of this blog, Dose of Digital, @jonmrich

An exhaustive list of Healthcare/Pharma Twitterers from Medical Student Blog. The list is even broken down by specialty.

Search on for #pharma and #healthcare for an extensive list of people who have identified themselves as being within pharma or healthcare on Twitter.


Jack Barrette Twitter

Wendy Blackburn Twitter

Janet Carlson Twitter

John Chilmark Twitter

Jane Chin  Twitter

Silja Chouquet Twitter

Sally Church Twitter

Mark Davis Twitter

Craig DeLarge Twitter

Mark Drossman Twitter

Jim Edwards  Twitter

Suki Fuller Twitter

Timothy Graham Twitter

Fabio Gratton Twitter

James Harper Twitter

Ellen Hoenig Carlson Twitter

Fard Johnmar Twitter

Carlen Lea Twitter

John Mack Twitter

Gregg Masters Twitter

Sarah Morgan Twitter

Eileen O’Brien Twitter

Kevin Pho (Kevin MD)  Twitter

Allison Rigel Twitter

Dorothy Wetzel Twitter

Steve Woodruff Twitter

FiercePharma Twitter

PharmProEditor Twitter

Action for Better Healthcare Twitter

Aurametrix Twitter

ExLPharma Twitter

DigitalPharma Twitter

Partnerships with CROs  Twitter

ePharma Twitter

Future of Biopharma Twitter

BreastCancer Survivors  Twitter

*NEW Kurt Mueller Twitter

*NEW LifeSciLeader Twitter

Marketing Professional Communities

Communities focused on pharma and/or healthcare marketing

Pharma Marketing Network Forums — “The Leading Online Community of Pharmaceutical Marketing Experts”

[Editors: Please do not edit BELOW this line.]

Additional Resources

Other social media-related lists or wikis

For a great list of non-healthcare social media examples, check out Ray Schiel’s “The Global Social Media Network” or Peter Kim’s List of Social Media Examples.

Another great general list of social media examples (a few included on this list) can be found on Monty Metzger’s Blog.

For a great list of “Health 2.0” companies, check out Health 2.0’s massive wiki.

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