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Friday Follow Ups

Smoking Will Kill You

Stop The Innovation Wars – Seriously.

Mashable Compares the Average Male Anatomy To Every Day Objects – Two things here. First, a Mr. Goodbar would have been way more ironic than a Snickers. Second, let’s take a moment to mourn how far Mashable has fallen as a site.

“It Was The Humane Thing To Do” – I do so love The Onion.

The New Yorker on Johnny Ive – This is the new, more open, Apple. People often say “this never would have happened if Steve were alive.” In this case, they’re right.

Men named John, Robert, James and William Outnumber All Women On Corporate Boards – Hi, welcome to 2015. Maybe get with the times gents?

Friday Follow Ups

Smoking Will Kill You

A Pill That Boosts a Woman’s Sex Drive Is Almost Here. But Do We Need It? – The entirety of this article should just simply be the word, “yes.”

FDA Grants 23andMe Approval to Test For Rare Genetic Condition – Hopefully it’s for the cognitive defect that keeps parents from getting their kids vaccinated.

There’s a Wearable for Your Sex Life Now – Super. And you thought people tweeting about going to the gym was obnoxious.

WNYC Says Why It Deleted Its Controversial Podcast on Women in Tech – Sketchy.

Settlers of Catan to be Made Into a Movie or TV Show – I’ll trade you 2 wood and 3 brick for a guarantee that I don’t have to watch it.