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Friday Follow Ups

Smoking Will Kill You

Google Unveils Smart Contact Lens That Lets Diabetics Measure Their Glucose Levels – Unless it’s delivered via drones, 60 minutes won’t cover it.

Tanning Bed Case Kills Phone Bacteria Overnight – I once worked for a guy who was talking on his cell phone at a urinal and tried to hand it to me to chime in on his conversation. True story.

Traffic Ticket For Driving With Google Glass Gets Dismissed In Court – What, the NSA couldn’t pull her file to see if the thing was on?

Mashable Writer Says Google is Eating Apple’s Lunch– Go ahead and see if you can spot the logical fallacy that frames the whole piece.

Ads For Legal Marijuana Are A Slow Burn So Far – Dude, did you watch that ad? I mean like, really watch it?


Anatomical Pinball Table Combines 2 Of My Favorite Things



Canadian artist Howie Tsui redesigned a pinball machine to turn it into a crude simulation of a musket-ball rattling around a soldier’s guts for a War of 1812-themed exhibition currently running at the Agnes Etherington Arts Centre at Queens University in Kingston. It’s meant to demonstrate the way that repetition and concentration can inure you to the horrors of war.

This would have been Awesome+1 if the flippers were leg bones.

Friday Follow Ups

Smoking Will Kill You

Amtrak Upgrades Wi-Fi Service on Trains – To…working?

Former Groupon Co-Founder Plans to Release An Album of Motivational Music – It’s 88% off when booked with a laser hair removal appointment!

Injectable Microscopic Robots Can Detect Threat of Blindness – I think, and this is just me going out on a limb here, that if you’re injecting robots into your eyes, blindness is the least of your problems.

iPhone Placebo Effect App Hopes to Change Patient Behavior – VC funding for pretend medicine? Where do I sign?

The Ultimate Video of People Being Idiots in Shopping Carts – Excuse me, Mr. Darwin? You have a phone call on line 2.


Friday Follow Ups

Smoking Will Kill You

Plug In Herb Garden Grows The Plants Itself – Dude, like this thing is awesome, bro!

Digitas Health Finds Pharma Companies Lag on Social – Um….Duh?

New iOS App Diagnoses STDs – How exactly does one use this on a date?

GE Gets Lost In ‘The Matrix’ With New Hospital Ad – Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You are a plague, and we are the cure.

Kmart Wants You To Ship Your Pants – The first time I read this I misread ‘ship’