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Thanks for taking such an interest in Dose of Digital. The debate and discussion about how and when digital can play a crucial role in the lives of people is an important one. Technology is constantly evolving, new tools and resources are coming on line at a fast and furious pace, and navigating these complex systems can be a challenge. As people who feels empowered to use whatever means are at my disposal to actively manage my health, this is a very exciting time.

As communicators, we are often faced with the daunting task of leveraging innovative programs as they are still developing a market and an audience. Whether you work as a consultant or sit on the corporate side of things, determining where best to insert your band or your message in a responsible and meaningful way is usually job #1 and is getting harder and harder by the minute. Patients and HCPs are taking more control over the discussions about how and when and why to use a product, disruptive technologies are changing traditional behaviors, corporate cultures are being asked to adapt and grow at an unheard of pace, all of which need to be accounted for if you have any hope of success.

Senior executives from WPP Health took over Dose of Digital in in late 2015 from Bill Evans who left his role leading digital at WPP’s Team Chemistry to become CMO of IBM Watson Health. Congratulations Bill! Prior to Bill being managing editor, Jonathan Richman founded the site and was the talented author of its contents. We hope to carry on both their work and lead the debate on where we as an industry go from here.

Dose of Digital is now written by a collection of leading digital health experts from across WPP agencies. Erin Byrne, Chief Client Officer of ghg | grey health and leads the effort.  Allie Lustig of ghg manages the site and our social media properties. Our most senior digital executives at Ogilvy Commonhealth in Ritesh PatelSudler & Hennessey in David Cherry, and Wunderman Health in Brenda Fiala are other key contributors.

Happy reading, and join on in!


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