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Thanks for taking such an interest in Dose of Digital. The debate and discussion about how and when digital can play a crucial role in the lives of people is an important one. Technology is constantly evolving, new tools and resources are coming on line at a fast and furious pace, and navigating these complex systems can be a challenge. As a person who feels empowered to use whatever means are at my disposal to actively manage my health, this is a very exciting time.

As communicators, we are often faced with the daunting task of leveraging innovative programs as they are still developing a market and an audience. Whether you work as a consultant or sit on the corporate side of things, determining where best to insert your band or your message in a responsible and meaningful way is usually job #1 and is getting harder and harder by the minute. Patients and HCPs are taking more control over the discussions about how and when and why to use a product, disruptive technologies are changing traditional behaviors, corporate cultures are being asked to adapt and grow at an unheard of pace, all of which need to be accounted for if you have any hope of success.

I took over Dose of Digital in May of 2012 from Jonathan Richman, who was the original founder of the site and the talented author of its contents. I hope to carry on his work and lead the debate on where we as an industry go from here. While this site will range in its musings depending on where my head may be at on any given day, I hope to help you, my readers, gain a unique perspective on things. I’m sure if I don’t you’ll let me hear about it in the comments.

If you’d like to learn more about me or drop me a note, you can do so through my LinkedIn bio. Otherwise, please take a moment to add your thoughts or perspectives to the debate.

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Bill Evans

Bill Evans

Bill Evans is the Managing Editor for Dose of Digital and the Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer for Team Chemistry @ WPP, leading the consolidated digital marketing business for Johnson & Johnson. Mr. Evans is responsible for driving strategic innovations, ensuring creative excellence and leading the R&D of emerging technologies in order to protect and grow market share for his brands.

Prior to joining Team Chemistry, Mr. Evans led the digital practice for Fleishman Hillard New York, working with brands to develop and manage digital channel strategies and social business initiatives to increase both revenue and reputational indices. In addition to his daily responsibilities, Mr. Evans served as one of the chairpersons for the agency’s global healthcare practice, working with colleagues and clients around the world. He was one of the primary strategists behind the agency’s approach to social media, helping clients navigate the evolving world of communication, conversation, and community.

Mr. Evans has been a frequent speaker on the future of digital and the innovative role social media and mobile can play in healthcare. He was a featured speaker at the annual eXl Digital Phrama Conference, served as host and keynote speaker for PR Week’s ongoing thought leader roundtable series, served as keynote speaker and conference chair for ALI’s Social Media and Healthcare Conference, and has been a featured guest on Fox News and CNBC.

Mr. Evans is recognized as a healthcare pioneer, developing several industry-first programs and winning several prestigious awards, including the DTC Perspectives Campaign of the year, the Yahoo! Big Idea Chair, and the Pharma Voice Best Patient Compliance Program.

During his career, Mr. Evans has handled programs for some of the industry’s biggest brands, including Pizza Hut, M&Ms, AT&T, Barnes & Noble’s nook, Tylenol, Lipitor, Claritin and Coppertone.

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