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Meeting Icebreakers That Are Better Than Yours


I typically loathe the perfunctory icebreaker questions that sometimes get used during corporate meetings. You know the kind I’m referring to? They’re the, “If you were a vegetable, what kind of vegetable would you be” questions. I’ve been in a couple of meetings lately that used icebreakers to open the meeting and the questions were downright torture.

As much as I generally don’t like the icebreaker concept, these questions could be more interesting and be far more effective at helping the attendees reveal something about themselves. To that extent, I’ve come up with a bunch of icebreaker questions that you may feel free to use at your next meeting. Read More…

Bringing some clarity to Google’s ‘mobile friendly’ algorithm

If you’ve read any piece online about Google’s recent ‘mobile friendly’ algorithm update, you no doubt must think the world is coming to an end. I’ve seen headlines with the terms “mobilegeddon” or touting “crippling penalties” for non-compliance, or “the biggest change in years!” To bring you up to speed, Google recently rolled out an update to it’s search algorithm that prioritizes mobile optimized pages over non-optimized ones when searching from a mobile device.

I’ve written before about how this kind of hyperbolic tech reporting drives me batty, and the hype surrounding Google’s algorithm changes are the perfect example of how writers blow things way out of proportion to grab your attention and get you to click. Who cares if the facts aren’t as interesting as the headlines? Read More…

7 Days With Apple Watch

Watches, Bitches!
I, like most of the technology nerds of my ilk, arose dutifully at 2:55 a.m. on April 10th to pre-order the Apple Watch. Within 3 minutes I had procured a 38mm Apple Watch and a 42mm Apple Watch and I went back to sleep looking forward to the April 24th delivery date. I chose the Apple Watch instead of the Sport model, as the sapphire crystal should provide far superior scratch resistance. I own a Hamilton X-Wind with a sapphire crystal, and after wearing it heavily for over 10 years, there’s not a scratch on it. To me that benefit alone was worth the price difference between the Sport and Watch models.

The 38mm Apple Watch predictably arrived on launch day. As of this writing, the 42mm is due to arrive April 30th. I have some thoughts on why there’s been a delay that I’ll unpack later in this post. Having been able to spend far more time with the smaller watch than I might have otherwise. It gave me a great look into how easy it is to interact with the OS. And, given the form factor, any challenges that might arise from interacting with a smaller screen would be most acute with the 38mm size. Read More…