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YTT Podcast – 10: ‘NXNE’

YTT thumbnailThis week special guests Marc Monseau, Amanda Sheldon, and Jane Sarasohn-Kahn join the show to discuss their upcoming SXSW panel on privacy and HIPPA compliance in the digital age. In this episode we discuss the land rush for health applications, Facebook’s foray into healthcare and what a bad idea that is, the health IT landscape, what pharma’s role in the space should be, how to build a system of incentives to drive change, and how government legislation may not be the only solution to the problem.

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Show Notes:
Music by the Mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder
SXSW Panel Page
Apple ResearchKit
The Verge on Apple’s Privacy Challenges
Here’s Looking at You: How Personal Health Information Is Being Tracked and Used
Draft Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights
Facebook Enters The Healthcare Market
Anthem Data Privacy Breach

ResearchKit Is A Game Changer, Just Not The Way You Think

phone-homeAs you no doubt have read by now, Apple announced Monday an open-source medical platform named ResearchKit. The platform, which runs natively on an iOS device, provides medical and scientific institutions the ability to conduct real-world investigations using anyone who wishes to opt-in to the studies. At launch, there were apps from Mount Sinai (for Asthma), University of Rochester (for Parkinson’s Disease), Massachusetts General Hospital (for diabetes), the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, Penn Medicine, and Sage Bionetworks (for breast cancer), and Stanford Medicine and the University of Oxford (for cardiovascular disease). You can read more about the platform and what it entails here. Read More…

YTT Podcast – 09: ‘Edition, Edition’

YTT thumbnailSpecial guest Shwen Gwee joins the show to discuss the Apple Watch event, the announcement of Research Kit, why mobile devices will trump wearables for health information, why technology partnerships are the future for pharma, the evolution of the agency model, where agencies can own the future of technology innovation, his perspective on what to expect at SXSW, his start up bootcamp, and how Apple has yet again set the bar in healthcare.

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Show Notes:
Music by the Mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder
SXSW Startup Bootcamp
Apple ResearchKit
Apple Watch
Google Health Projects

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