Youngest Person to Receive a Bioengineered Organ Dies

Writing for The Verge, Katie Drummond details the heartbreaking story of Hannah Warren, who was the youngest patient to receive a bioengineered transplant.

Hanna Warren

In an announcement posted online Monday, the Children’s Hospital of Illinois — where Hannah underwent a groundbreaking windpipe implant — confirmed the sad turn of events. “Although regenerative medicine remains in the early stages for pediatric patients, progress is being made,” the statement reads. “Hannah, and the physicians caring for her, helped advance this area of medical practice which is only at its very beginning stages.”

As the father of 3 girls, I read this with a mix of both sadness and hope. On the one hand, the tragic death of a child is excruciatingly painful for any parent. One of life’s true nightmares. On the other, Hannah’s bravery and contribution to science brings us one step closer to a medical future where organs can be manufactured and replaced, saving countless number s of potential lives.

My prayers go out to the Warren family.

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