Novartis To Close The GISTearth Community

Novartis To Close The GISTearth Community

From the email:

“Since the launch of in May 2009, the mission of the social network has been to provide members of the GIST global community with a place to give and receive support; make valuable connections and share personal experiences; as well as connect patient/caregivers members to patient advocacy groups for further support.

At this time, Novartis Oncology, sponsor of GIST Earth, has decided to close the social network (on or about May 15, 2013). The platform is not optimized for current technologies (such as mobile devices and tablets) which compromises the user experience and lessens the value of the platform.

Thank you for your participation, dedication and support of the GIST global community.

Your GIST Earth Team”

Surprised to see this community go by the wayside. The utilization must have not been there to justify continuing on.

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One thought on “Novartis To Close The GISTearth Community

  1. GIST Earth was one of the first, full-featured communities in pharma but was hindered (not by regulatory) but by its international scope and the fact that it was built in Flash.

    Early community developers were slow to realize that for online communities to flourish, the participants need more than just a common interest–they also need to speak the same natural language.

    As for Flash, as most of us have learned (the hard way), redeveloping an application in Flash usually means starting from scratch. Add to that the fact that original design was never optimized for handhelds and it probably turned into a bigger effort than anyone was prepared to address.

    Our hats should still go off to the mavericks that set this up in what now feels like the early days.

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