What is the Future of Healthcare? [Video Presentation]

What is the Future of Healthcare? [Video Presentation]

For those who follow this blog, you probably know that I’ve talked about where I see healthcare headed in the future. In particular, I’ve talked a lot about how digital technology will change the way healthcare is delivered in the future and will ultimately be what makes us more successful at preventing, treating, and curing diseases. It’s a little counter to the way the current system is set up, which primarily relies on big, new drug discoveries to deliver the biggest advances. I believe in something a bit different. We’ll get more value out of investments in using existing and creating new digital technologies for healthcare than we’ll get from new drug breakthroughs.

Sure, I could get thrown out of the industry for that, but it’s what I believe.

For those who don’t believe me, I invite you to check out the presentation I gave last week at ePharma West. I talked about why the current system isn’t working, what might work, and what we’ll have to do differently to make our healthcare system more effective. You can watch and listen to my presentation below. Try it in HD and full screen to see the details (also try turning scaling off…there’s button you can click in the player after going full screen). If you want a copy of my slides, you can get them here:  What is the Future of Healthcare (943 downloads).

After watching the video, I invite you to leave your comments and let me know your opinion. Am I right on or completely off?

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3 thoughts on “What is the Future of Healthcare? [Video Presentation]

  1. Trafalik

    As a healthcare data analyst, I’ve witnessed the limited use of data to manage care by healthcare organizations. What I have yet to see is the wider use of data to educate patients about healthy behavior and their responsibilitiy in managing their health. I think electronics have a value but there’s a need to adjust the patients’ behavior and teach them how to read the data and use the data to benefit themselves and become a partner with their primary care providers.

    FYI…I would like to suggest you speak slower during your presentations. When you did slow down from time to time, the volume was a mumble.

    Keep up with this line of thinking. We all need to think outside the box. 

    1. Thanks for the feedback on the presentation and my speaking style. I definitely do go a little fast at times when I’m trying to fit a lot into a short period of time. You said: “When you did slow down from time to time, the volume was a mumble”, so that sounds like slowing down isn’t a good idea for me. If you’re following this, give me some more info. Thanks again.

  2. Xianxuan Bai

    The future of healthcare have to less the high expensive fee for people and governor, so the web link and digital diagnosis and treatments is the better way to get the ideas.And combine  the prevention and treatments, combine traditional medicine and modern medicine is good ideas too.To keen low price and good benefit in a long time. 

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