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Learn from Google+ Before It’s Too Late

Before you skip over this post as yet another glowing or terrible review (there seem to be both floating around) of Google+, this is not a review of the new service from Google. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you need to head back to Google and, well, google “Google+” and you’ll find plenty of great resources.   This post is not a walkthrough nor is it an explanation of how companies should be “leveraging” Google+. There are a few posts with this information floating around already too despite the fact that Google+ is really only for actual humans at this point (i.e., there is no equivalent to Facebook Pages).

This is a post that will serve (I hope) as a little bit of a warning and a wakeup call for many companies out there. The premise is simple. People are getting more and more control over what they see and when they see it. We can all agree that interruptive advertising isn’t working well, as people skip TV commercials and block website banner ads. So, many brands have turned to social media to get the word out thinking this is less interruptive. Moreover, they believe that when people essentially opt-in to their content, say, by Liking their Facebook page, then the brand is free to post whatever they want. Not only that, but they feel free to post whatever they want AND somehow believe that people will see it AND people will engage with it somehow (e.g, comment, Like, retweet, watch a video, click a link, etc.).

They won’t.
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